VoIP vs PSTN: The debate that isn’t.

Every day, an increasing number of businesses are opting to replace their outdated Public Switched Telephone Networks for higher quality, cheaper VoIP alternatives. In spite of that, the VoIP vs. PSTN debate is a still ongoing. The performance issues associated with VoIP when it first arrived on

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Taking VoIP out on your first date

VoIP is a fantastic technology that can help save companies time, money and prevents them from getting stuck behind the technology curve. While VoIP might seem complex on the surface – it’s anything but once you look under the hood. Its simplicity and efficiency have combined to

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How VoIP Services Spark Startups

If you hope to build or expand a business this year, using the features that that come with VoIP-based business services is a must. Here are some ways that VoIP can help supercharge your startup efforts. Inexpensive services cut the costs of startup and expansion VoIP systems

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Why your business should invest in VoIP technology

An office’s telephone system is one of – if not THE most important systems a business can invest in. The ability to stay in touch at an affordable cost used to be a daunting challenge for most small to mid-sized companies, but with the advent of VoIP

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