VoIP Security: It Is Greater Than You Think

VoIP systems have the potential to greatly save a business a tremendous amount of money. Actually, the increased productivity derived from installing a feature packed VoIP system can contribute to equally increased profits. Yet, despite all the positives associated with VoIP, many businesses are reluctant to install

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Is Your Company Getting the Most Out of Its VoIP Service?

VoIP is an incredibly useful resource for small businesses, but you’d be surprised at just how many companies don’t use it to it’s fullest potential. This week’s post will provide you with three things you can do to make sure you’re getting the most out of your

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Managed Services Best Practices

While rules can be dry at times, they do exist for a reason. They keep us safe, keep us sustainable and make sure everyone’s operating on the up and up. The IT/VoIP industry is no different as we, too, share best practices with each other and abide

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Cloud-Based Phone Services Can Help You Achieve Sky-High Growth

If you were to sit back and think about all the things that can grow a small business, we’d be positive that switching up your phone service probably wouldn’t be one of them. That being said – companies are switching from traditional last-century phone systems to cloud-based

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Five VoIP Features that help small businesses the most

If you’re new to VoIP, trust us when we say you’ll come to love it! There are an endless number of features that can not only transform your business, but also grow in capability as your business gains traction. That being said, the number of features out

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Why VoIP and the Healthcare Industry go hand in hand.

 VoIP has been making inroads in both the public and private sector for a number of years now, but perhaps no other industry has benefitted from its implementation than the healthcare industry. With increasing demands for better communication and decreasing costs, VoIP has found itself uniquely suited

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Cloud-Based Phone Services Taking Emerging Companies Sky-High

If you were to pontificate about the many things that can grow your business, we’re pretty sure that switching your business phone service wouldn’t be one of them. Yet, there’s a swath of new evidence that companies are switching to cloud-based services and ditching those old last-century

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Benefits of VoIP for a Business Phone System

As VoIP phone systems become increasingly common in larger companies, small businesses are wondering if they should make the switch. Hesitation occurs because many fear that it will interfere with existing business practices or be too expensive to replace the old system. As VoIP business phone systems

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The Beauty of VoIP

What is VoIP? Voice over Internet Protocol communication has evolved greatly in recent years; it matches the ever-growing capabilities of high speed internet connections. The internet used to be a luxury for some but now it is a necessity for most. Most small businesses are moving away

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VoIP vs PSTN: The debate that isn’t.

Every day, an increasing number of businesses are opting to replace their outdated Public Switched Telephone Networks for higher quality, cheaper VoIP alternatives. In spite of that, the VoIP vs. PSTN debate is a still ongoing. The performance issues associated with VoIP when it first arrived on

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