business phone system voipIf you were to sit back and think about all the things that can grow a small business, we’d be positive that switching up your phone service probably wouldn’t be one of them. That being said – companies are switching from traditional last-century phone systems to cloud-based systems in record numbers. Why are they so eager to switch? Because cloud based services are making a significant impact on their bottom lines.

Today, businesses that thrive are A.) fast; and B.) Agile. The easier and cheaper it is to grow, add, subtract and pivot, the better off the business becomes. Cloud-based services have helped companies do just that; keeping them off congested customer help desk lines and preventing them from having to call technicians in to add one, new phone line to their office. Instead, thanks to new, intuitive and simple online interfaces, companies can add phone lines in seconds and trouble shoot problems largely on their own. Even if you possess only the most basic competencies in computing, you can manage a cloud-based system.

Especially for a business that’s growing – cloud-based systems allow them to get to where they need to be faster. Now companies don’t have to run sixty lines through a building that will house their next office. Now sales staff can have their calls forwarded directly to their phones without having to make a stop off at the office to listen to that morning’s voicemail. Instead, they’re out in the field selling. When their systems are down, their manager can hop onto a computer and get everyone back up and running without the expense of having to call in a technician or consultant.

Even services like drop-ship, which allows you to send a phone to a new location and set them up minutes after they arrive, gives fast-paced, grow-now businesses a significant advantage over their competition.