business phone system nycIf you were to pontificate about the many things that can grow your business, we’re pretty sure that switching your business phone service wouldn’t be one of them. Yet, there’s a swath of new evidence that companies are switching to cloud-based services and ditching those old last-century business phone systems in larger numbers.

So why are companies switching so aggressively?

Surprisingly the most common answer is the ease and speed of making changes with cloud-based phone services. Businesses want more and more control over their own destinies, no longer content to hang around on customer support lines so that someone can patch their system or fix their meeting services. Because cloud services are serviced by providers and updated using intuitive, simple online interfaces, it doesn’t take some specialist to make a change. Long story, short – anyone can take care of a change so long as they’ve got basic computer literacy.

Long story, short – companies that used to have to hire IT consultants and resources to make basic changes to a phone system, no longer have to. In fact, they can make all of these changes in the convenience of their own office quickly, seamlessly and without having to contact any third party provider.

Other companies like being able to add and contract lines easily and quickly. For a dynamic, fast-growing organization, cloud based solutions can be perfect. In some cases, businesses can drop-ship phones to a new location and set them up minutes after the phone arrives. Especially for more mobile businesses that set up temporary office space only to move on to another location down the road, cloud-based services can serve as an incredible convenience.

So if your organization is one that is changing so quickly that no one has the time to wait for constant changes to your phone system, cloud-based phone services can help you take control of your growth.