voip business phone systemsVoIP is an incredibly useful resource for small businesses, but you’d be surprised at just how many companies don’t use it to it’s fullest potential. This week’s post will provide you with three things you can do to make sure you’re getting the most out of your VoIP managed services. Let’s jump right in!

Make sure your provider is financially sound

Especially if you’re in the market for managed services, you should make sure that you’re doing your homework. Many major companies financially back vendors which means they’ll have an advantage over those that don’t. Especially when it comes to reliability, security and longevity, companies that have the stronger backing almost always provide better quality services.

While there are other considerations outside of their financial security, knowing what you’re getting on board with is important and knowing your services won’t disappear suddenly will give you greater peace of mind.

Always think long-term

Investing in VoIP is what it says it is – an investment. That means that you should always be willing to take on short-term costs for long-term savings. Don’t go nuts with introductory prices, because honestly – those usually lead to higher fees later on. In addition, it’s better to pay a little more for something that’s reliable than it does to save money and expose yourself to the risk associated with an unreliable service. Always look at the big picture. Not the price tag.

Have you customized your service propertly?

One of the most frequent issues companies fall for when it comes to VoIP is that they take the package that providers offer. Every business is different and because of that – how they use those services will be different, too. Never assume that the default package is the way to go. Even if there isn’t an advertised custom package doesn’t mean that they won’t do one for you. In most cases, companies want to cater packages to you because it gives them a better idea of what’s valuable to you.

The key takeaway is that no matter what provider or service you choose – VoIP NEEDS to cater to your needs. That means customized solutions that suit the way you do business and higher buy-in that’s worth it if it gets you more reliability. Take a look at your current service and don’t be afraid to adjust things to make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck possible.