nyc business voip phone systems

Finding the perfect phone solution for you as a business owner depends a lot on what you’re particular needs are. Here are a few advantages of the different types of a VoIP phone system that you may have never heard of before.


When it comes to a business phone system that goes over VoIP, a surprising number of them actually look like regular phones. But one option people might often forget is using computer-based VoIP systems. It’s best for communication between two computers. This type can be ideal for communicating with people regularly for video conferencing. One good trick to try though if you’re in an area that has slow Internet connection speeds, is to  use the video connection for video and use a more stable phone connection for audio. That way the audio will match up better with what’s happening on the video. There are many possible ways to use this online, but some of the more popular solutions include programs like Skype or Viber.


It’s actually possible to use traditional VoiP programs like Skype on a mobile phone, especially if you have connection to WiFi. But generally, it’s a good idea to use a specific mobile VoIP system for this. It basically makes use of a data connection in order to keep you connected to audio over the Internet no matter where you are in the world. Mobile solutions for VoIP are essential to a stable business. This is because employees will often have to go in the field, especially in particular types of businesses. For example, if you run a computer repair business, then when your agents go into the field, it will be important that you have solid connections with them for communication. You never know when they may need to ask for help and additional instructions if they don’t have everything they need on site. The savings for mobile business VoIP plans are usually significant when compared to other options as well.

Overall Business Plans

Network-centered businesses need VoIP even more than other types. This is because it can serve as both internal and external business communication systems. This isn’t to say that you can’t use residential VoIP lines as well, especially if you run your business from home. Residential systems are often cheaper, though they may have less of an ability to take high load or support multiple lines and other features like call waiting. Business plans come from many different companies, and there are a lot of gray areas. For example, it’s actually possible to get a business plan inside of a residential VoIP package specifically for people with small businesses that they run from home. Residential Business VoIP plans often rely on a special device that’s sent from the provider to your house. You then plug this phone adapter into the Internet cable line coming into your house. From this point, you can simply use your phone normally by connecting it to the other side. There are usually monthly fees for this, but it’s often well worth it if this is a type that you think will work best for your needs as a home business.

Overall, it pays to pay attention to the business rates of each type and to match them up to what you need in terms of mobility and speed.