Q1. What is VOIP?
Q2. What are the benefits of Legend's Hosted VOIP services?
Q3. Why is Legend's version of E911 so special?
Q4. Can I keep my phone number if I switch to Legend's VOIP solution?
Q5. How does Direct Inward Dial, or DID, work?
Q6. What about my mobile employees?

A1. VOIP stands for "Voice Over Internet Protocol." It is a technology used to make phone calls over the internet.

A2. Legend's Hosted VOIP services benefit you in many ways, some of these include:


A3. There are some differences between LGC 911 dialing and traditional 911 service. Dialing 911 on LGC is also different from Enhanced 911 (E-911) service provided by landline operators in that the operator at the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) will not have your address or call-back information. When you call 911 from a LGC phone, you will need to give the emergency services operator your address so they can send help. LGC will offer E-911 in all our servicing areas soon. Broadband and power outages can also prevent 911 Dialing.

A4. Your number is yours to keep. With Legend's hosted VOIP solution you can keep your business number forever, no matter where you move in the United States.

A5. LGC also offers your business the option of having unique Direct Inward Dial (DIDs) numbers for each user, just specific users, or you can have one published number that your customers call and provide a unique phone extension for each of your users and departments. LGC also enables you to control the number that your customers see when you call ("caller ID").

A6. With Legend, each mobile employee simply needs a broadband connection (DSL, Cable, or FIOS), and they become an extension off your corporate phone system (PBX). Just plug in your LGC phone via Ethernet to their home network, and start making calls.