business voip systemIf you’re new to VoIP, trust us when we say you’ll come to love it! There are an endless number of features that can not only transform your business, but also grow in capability as your business gains traction. That being said, the number of features out there are staggering and choosing the best ones can be – at times – overwhelming. Today’ post helps you weed through the clutter and discusses five features that can make a significant difference in your small business right off the bat.

Find me/Follow me

If you have a business that’s constantly on the go and employees who work mobile, you’ll love Find me/Follow me. This feature allows you to route the calls you create to a list of numbers where you can be found before the call gets pushed to a voicemail. So if you’ve got a few different lines, Find Me/Follow Me will call each before sending your caller to your voicemail box. It makes you more available in more places. This means less missed business and more opportunity!

Call Screening

Especially if you’re a manager – it’s important to be able to screen your calls. Essentially, this feature will take a look at the number on a caller ID and allows you to choose how you would like to treat it. If your significant other is calling, for example; then you can have the number redirected to your cell phone. If it’s a sales person, you can have them disconnected. Call screening helps you decide whom you talk to and when you talk to them.

Conference Calls

There’s no doubt you’ve probably heard of conference calling before, but very few people know just how powerful VoIP tools can be. In some cases, you can set up a floor monitor that helps you manage invitations, hands raised, muting folks, etc. Conference calls can get messy and disorganized in a hurry with people talking over each other, forgetting to mute their phones, etc. VoIP offers features that make it far easier for the administrator to manage their calls.

Auto attendant

Auto Attendants can sometimes be a bone of contention in some circles, but we feel their benefits can be a huge help to a small business. For one, while it’s NICE to say you answer phones all the time ; you’ll find quickly that when you’re growing, it’s hard to do that. Attendants help you manage calls better and get people through to the appropriate channels they need to reach. The second major benefit is that auto attendants make you appear more professional and more legitimate.

Bandwidth Utilization and Detail Reports

Data is helping businesses grow more today than ever. With VoIP Bandwidth Utilization and Detail Reports, you can track who has been calling whom, for how long, etc. Ever get that employee who’s accomplished nothing but ‘was calling people all day?’ Now you can see if they really have. The added transparency and accountability helps keep employees AND managers more accountable at all times. Accountability leads to decreased inefficiencies and decreased inefficiencies means more profit.