business phone system nyIf you hope to build or expand a business this year, using the features that that come with VoIP-based business services is a must. Here are some ways that VoIP can help supercharge your startup efforts.

Inexpensive services cut the costs of startup and expansion

VoIP systems are less expensive than your usual land-based services. The costs of doing business can dip even further if you’re OK with using a hosted system where the provider maintains your service on their own equipment. In addition, business owners can grab a ton of value thanks to being able to bundle services like fax, voice, 800 numbers and more. Simply put – it’s the best communications value out there.

VoIP helps new companies feel like they’re already growing

Services like location transfer, ring groups, auto-attendants, internet faxing and video conferencing have been available to big businesses for years, but it’s only recently have they become available affordably to small businesses; largely thanks to the innovations in VoIP.

And while we’d love to paint a rosier picture, growing a business is hard and perception is everything. Not only does VoIP allow you to DO MORE, but also presents you as appearing bigger and therefore – more legitimate. Now, you don’t have to worry about appearing too small or unprofessional.

Keep a small office feel – even when your talent is in different locations

VoIP is a great way to gain access to your talent no matter where it’s located. With VoIP, you can contact your employees wherever they are and wherever they’re working – taking the worry about having to have everyone in the office all the time. Simply put, you can appear on the ball, appear to have everyone in place and present at your office, all the while allowing employees to enjoy a better work-life balance by working from home or more remotely. That means your company is not only growing, but also staying organized and more attractive to talented professionals.