managed services best practicesWhile rules can be dry at times, they do exist for a reason. They keep us safe, keep us sustainable and make sure everyone’s operating on the up and up. The IT/VoIP industry is no different as we, too, share best practices with each other and abide by certain industry standards. This week’s post will help you understand some of those standards and how they apply to your business.


The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is an internationally adhered-to set of guidelines for our industry. As such – it’s ALWAYS included in Managed service best practices and creates a framework for each company’s needs. Essentially, it offers service providers with the means to evaluate and run IT offerings of any size and scope. Most providers literally live and breathe these standards – so make sure you ask your account manager about them.

ISO 20000

ISO stands for the International Standards Organization. Instead of guidelines, ISO establishes a benchmark for what standards should be globally for IT providers. If you’re concerned about the performance of your system, you can undergo an audit to make sure your system is up to standards. If not, it’s time for an upgrade.

How best practices help you

Both ITIL and ISO 20000 provide specific guidelines and formulas for success in IT. As a customer – it’s important you focus on them, because it can help make a significant difference not only in the quality of your system, but the price as well. It’s a means to which you can hold your providers accountable for their decisions.

Finding a company that follows best practices

Believe it or not, not all Managed Service and VoIP providers adhere to international standards and best practices. Your goal as a company should be to find providers who do. How do you determine who does and who doesn’t? Simply ask. Most service providers SHOULD be able to give you a lengthy run down of their best practices and not just THAT they adhere to international standards, but HOW they do it as well. If you sense that someone doesn’t have a grasp on those guidelines, then chances are they’re not adhering to them.

At the end of the day – it’s not enough to simply find a provider who applies best practices. When you consider the future of your business, consider how following those practices could improve your service and efficiency over time. Always ask providers who their implementation can help improve your business.