VoIP is a fantastic technology that can help save companies time, money and prevents them from getting stuck behind the technology curve. While VoIP might seem complex on the surface – it’s anything but once you look under the hood. Its simplicity and efficiency have combined to make it one of the most sought after business solutions today.

As such, you’re thinking of making the switch but don’t necessarily know where to begin. It’s like that girl in High School. You know you want to take her out and heck – you might even know where you want to take her. But the question is – what or how do you ask her? That’s why we’re here! This week, we discuss some of the things a company that’s looking to switch to VoIP should look for.

Service plans – While the plan itself might not be the BE all, it could be the END all if you don’t have the dough to pony up for the kinds of services you need. How much a company charges and the features they offer are very important when it comes to exploring your options. Having a plan that is both comprehensive and flexible is what you should be looking for.

Call features – While most VoIP companies offer basic calling features, there’s a whole plethora of additional services that can be used. From find-me/follow-me features to speed dial, virtual extensions, call routing and more – you’ll need to take the time to figure out exactly what your business NEEDS and balance that up against what you WANT.

Setup – While we’d love to show off our smarts by extrapolating on how the complexities of VoIP and setting it up, the truth is – VoIP is actually super easy – not only to use, but to install as well! The fact is that most companies should be able to quickly set up your VoIP system and service you just as easily. Making the switch isn’t difficult at all, nor does understanding the things that happen during the transition between traditional phone lines and VoIP.  The easier the company makes it for you, the more trusting you should be because, well – VoIP is pretty straight-forward stuff!

Help & Support – No matter what kind of technology you’re dealing with, you’ll experience problems from time to time. When you do though – you’ll want to make sure that whomever your provider is – is response-driven, dependable and most of all – fast. When your voice system is down, your business is down. The faster and more responsive a company is, the less time you have to spend worrying about downtime. Make sure that service contract is airtight and that your vendor will be there when you need them the most!