An office’s telephone system is one of – if not THE most important systems a business can invest in. The ability to stay in touch at an affordable cost used to be a daunting challenge for most small to mid-sized companies, but with the advent of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), those same small enterprises have more options at their disposal than ever before.

As such, this week’s post will introduce you to some of the reasons you should be considering implementing a VoIP system in your office if you haven’t already. Let’s jump right in.

It helps you run a leaner, more efficient business

Businesses are leaner, meaner and more agile than every before. VoIP provides a whole swath of cost savings options that were unheard of 10-12 years ago. Regardless if it’s inbound toll-free or long distance, the costs of using your office phones is continuing to drop. That means more money that can either go straight into your pocket or reinvested in more pressing areas of your business.

It maximizes your businesses’ mobility

More than anything else – VoIP unchains you from your desk and allows you to get into the game. Sales reps can have calls forwarded to their cell phones, repairmen can handle inquiries and service calls at a job site and managers can let some of their agents work from home and still maintain a connection to the office. More than ever – VoIP allows offices to stay connected and be in more places all at the same time.

Your business keeps on going. No matter what.

With VoIP, you can stop worrying about what will happen if the power goes out or another emergency strikes. With hosted VoIP, you can even pre-configure your individual extensions to forward calls to your cellphone automatically when an emergency takes place. That way –while everyone else is scrambling, you’ll be able to trudge forward without having to worry about falling behind.

All in one place

Not so long ago, businesses owners had to shop for the kinds of phones they wanted and the lines to support them – all while managing long distance services. In some cases, you’d have to go to three different vendors to get the services you needed. Now with VoIP – everything from the phones to the long distance service – can be bought at once. You can purchase an all-inclusive calling package per extension that includes all the latest phone system features and unlimited minutes. Don’t get stuck juggling multiple vendors.